Friday, November 9, 2007

Teaching Cooking

I just wanted to write a little more on why I have this blog. I love cooking and would like to change a few minds about cooking. I already have a ton of things running thru my head of what I want to teach.

I would love to be able to teach someone how to tell when cookies or a cake is done by the smell of it, be able to make a pot of rice without having to measuring anything, or know an amount of food simply by looking at it.

Basically teach them confidence in what they do, so no matter what they will always be successful. I believe that is the main reason why so many people dislike cooking, they lack the confidence to do it well. I have also come up with 3 other reasons why ppl don't like to cook.

1) Time issues:
In our society everything has to be fast, even the food. And I am sorry but GOOD food can NOT be rushed. Now with a little preparation ahead of time one can make a good yet quick meal.

2) Negatiave experiences with food:
If the only time someone got to cook was with someone they don't like or prepare something they don't like then they probably won't like cooking. Also having to prepare a meal when you are tired all the time for others or forced to because no one else will can make ppl hate cooking.

3) Someone you know is bad at it:
Particullary the main cook in your household, if you have a bad teacher then you will probably not make good food yourself. This is not always the case but it can affect your ability to do certain things because you were not taught how to do it or how to do it correctly.

These are just a few of the things that I will be teaching when I finally get to that point, my aim as before is to build confidence in and through cooking but also to be able to turn a few minds around about cooking. Well more on this later!

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Psychedelic said...

This actually sounds smart.
I love cooking, but I don't have very wide experience. I think I'm gonna be checking back to this blog.