Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ice Cream Cake

Well its ungodly hot here in Texas and I thought perhaps a cool dessert would be good right about now. Its simple and delicious and cheaper than purchasing a small $30.00 ice cream cake! This home made version will cost you about $6.00-10.00 depending on ingredients. Its all made using your favorite box cake and ice cream! :D

1. Bake cake using two 8 inch pans and let cool.

2. In another 8 inch pan place a sheet of aluminum or wax paper a little bigger in the pan inside and fill with softened ice cream of your choice, let re-freeze over night or 4 hours. This should be done ahead of time to make things faster.

3. Remove ice cream from pan, you can use a little warm water to release the ice cream. Fill the sink with some warm water and swish the pan gently, the release the ice cream.

4. Trim the top of one of the cakes so the ice cream will lay flat on the center when you assemble it.

5. Lastly, working quickly, put your favorite frosting on it and put it back in the freezer until you are going to serve.

Note: Take it out about 15-20 mins before cutting makes it easier.

Some cake variations are:

Reese's Cake: Use chocolate cake, peanut butter ice cream, milk chocolate frosting, and top with Reese's cups or Reese's pieces

Death by Chocolate: Use chocolate cake with chocolate pieces baked in, triple chocolate ice cream, dark or regular chocolate frosting, and top with more chocolate.

Fresh and Fruity: Instead of ice cream you can use sherbet, use a white or fruit cake, frost the cake in whipped topping, and then top with fresh fruit.