Sunday, March 2, 2008

Secrets To Great Cooking

This is something I got in my apartment magazine, very true and useful for cooks of all levels. I have made a condensed version. (Copyright material of Lighthouse Publishing not my own)

Secrets To Great Cooking

1. Collecting Good Recipes - Good recipes come from many sources not just cookbooks. Many can come from family and friends. The benefit of collecting recipes this way is you taste thembefore hand. Live cooking demonstrations sometimes offeres free samples. When collecting recipes keep them organized in either a notebooks, recipe box, in the computer, or even online.

2. Use only the best equipment- Good equipment makes work in the kitchen easier. A good thing to invest in would me a good knife set. But as always go with the best you can afford.

3. Keep it Simple- Some of the best tasting meals in the world are the simplest. Simple meals have fewer ingredients and they compliment each other superbly. Adding too many ingredients to a dish can create a canceling of other flavors as well as overwhelming it.

4. Buy Top Quality Ingredients- Leading chefs only use the freshest and best tasing food the can find. Even the best chefs is the world would have difficulty making food taste good from inferior products. However this does not mean that eveything has to be made from scratch. Always good for quality and freshness when purchasing pre-packaged times. If cost is an issue go for smaller portions. Better a healthier small amount than a larger inferior product.

5. Use Complimentary Foods- A secret to cooking well lies in combining complimentary foods, where one ingredients actually enhances the favor of the other. For example favorite combinations are tomato and basil, another would be brown sugar and cinnamon. There are many endless possibilites.

Hopefully this list will makes cooking for some of you easier to understand and also a helpful guide to preparing delicious quality foods. I will try and post some new recipes soon. Good luck and Good Eating!

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